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Dear friends, partners, and well-wishers of Dr. John Mulinde and WTM

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On behalf of World Trumpet Mission Uganda, we would like to thank all of you for your prayers and financial support towards Dr. John Mulinde’s treatment. May God bless you for the sincere love you have shown and for your sacrificial giving.

We are writing to provide an update on the progress of Dr. John’s treatment in India. As many of you may have heard, Dr. John’s first biopsy had led the doctors to determine that they could not do immediate surgery to remove the cancerous tumor from the pancreas because the tumor had already grown and engulfed a major blood vessel that supplies to the intestines. Thus, they made a decision to do chemotherapy and radiation for about nine weeks, to reduce the size of the tumor first, then do surgery to remove it.

However, the biopsy left them with questions regarding the true nature of the tumor. The doctors could not say for sure if it was cancerous!!! They needed another biopsy to get conclusive results. They, therefore, decided to conduct a second biopsy to truly establish the nature of the tumor. This exposed another challenge; that the bile and pancreatic ducts seemed to be partially blocked. If they ended up fully blocked, this would lead to jaundice which would complicate the ability to apply chemotherapy and radiation.

The doctors decided that an immediate operation was necessary to conduct a by-pass to the liver and pancreatic ducts in order to avoid the blockage, thus allowing for chemotherapy and radiation to proceed. This operation was carried out on the 17th February 2022. It was a Laparotomy operation, accompanied by a third biopsy to make a conclusive determination of the nature of the tumor.