Nations Prayer Mountain

The Nation’s Prayer Mountain is located at the top of a hill in Seguku, about seven miles from the capital Kampala along the route to Uganda’s International airport Entebbe with lots of greenery provided by the partial forest cover and beautiful grounds which combination offers a serene environment for quiet meditation and unceasing prayer. 

In the 1970s during the presidency of HE. Idi Amin Dada, when prayer freedoms were infringed upon in Uganda and people resorted to praying in the jungles and forests or hidden away in their homes as they were being persecuted, God put it on the hearts of many nations to pray for his “Servant maiden” Uganda. After the freedom to pray was regained, we built the Nations Prayer Mountain as a 24 hour alter interceding for all the Nations of the world as a way to express our thankfulness to the people that stood in prayer with Uganda.  

Seguku Trumpet Center Church
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We have various options to cater for your needs. These are BELGIUM, TAIWAN, ISRAEL, KOREA, GERMAN.

These are wooden pods ranging in sizes for those who wish to have a camping experience at the mountain.

We provide single occupancy camping tents.

The Dormitories will soon be available for those who wish to share living space while at the mountain.