Dr. John W. Mulinde

Destiny Achievers


“Destiny is the purpose for which the Creator made me, and the unfolding course of fulfilling that purpose from the beginning of my life to the end, even into eternity.”

The modular Destiny Achievers’ Program is in response to the mandate that God has placed in the authors’ heart to prepare His people to rise to the destiny that He has for each individual, family, workplace, community, church, territory and nation.  The program will inspire and empower you to pursue the fullness of God.     

Destiny Achievers 1 and its accompanying workbook, Destiny Achievers 101, will help you to:                                                                                                                                

  • Understand the destiny of mankind in God’s eternal purposes?
  • Answer the fundamental questions of life such as:
    1. Who am I?
    2. Why am I alive on earth today?
    3. What is supposed to be my mission on earth?                      
    4. What kind of fruits am I supposed to be producing and how is that supposed to impact my generation?
  • Realize that all spiritual battles are about one’s Destiny.

Price: UGX 35,000

Destiny Achievers

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