Dr. John W. Mulinde

Combat in the Heavenlies, booklets 1-7



Opening the portals of prayer will challenge Christians to seek God for themselves and successful prayer lives by:                        

  • Understanding what spiritual warfare is
  • Learning to rest in the victorious position of Christ
  • Understanding how to operate the weapons of our warfare
  • Understanding the relationship of the ministering spirit to our spiritual lives
  • Depending fully on the Holy Spirit to lead and help us pray the right way
  • Acknowledging that the battle is not ours; the battle is the Lord`s!

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This is the second book in Dr. John Mulinde’s series of teachings on Combat in the Heavenlies. The Abrahamic strategy is God’s revelation to the author: “Unless you start instituting a network of united prayer all over the nation of Uganda, you cannot overcome the evil principality ruling over your nation.”

Find out how Abraham took the land for the kingdom of the living God.

Find out how this strategy has worked in Israel, Uganda and how it can be used in any nation to purge the land, prepare the spiritual ground, and call upon the presence of God.

Realize that we will only find success in what we are doing in the physical realm, after we have won the battle in the spiritual real.

Do we have cultivated hearts? Hearts that are altars where His spirit can come in communion with our spirits.

Price: UGX 5,000


This is the third book in Dr. John Mulinde’s series of teachings on Combat in the Heavenlies.

Raising the family altar will show you that making your home a habitation for God is the first step to community transformation. This strategy came from the Father heart of God. When Uganda cried out to him under the scourge of AIDS, God told them: “Stop praying about problems and pray for my purposes. Fill the land with prayer, teach my people to seek my presence. Do not do it in churches only. Teach people to take prayer back home and raise prayer altars at homes. Bring children at home to the altars….”

This book will help you strengthen your family against the influence of today’s environment.

Find out how you can withstand the wickedness of this generation without depending on human stamina and mental ability. Find out how to stand strong with unwavering faith when under pressure and threat.

Price: UGX 5,000


This is the fourth book in Dr. John Mulinde’s series of teachings on Combat in the Heavenlies. It will help you:

Knowing how taking the land is important to establish the kingdom of God

Find out how to take down the strongman over an area and set the captives free

Find out what needs to be done between the time God calls a nation and the time of His visitation

Find out why God must work with men

Find out what it takes to pray for revival for a land

Price: UGX 5,000


In 1996, the Lord gave Dr. John Mulinde a clear prophetic word over the nation of Israel, and he has often spoken in Israel.

Read this book to find out:

Why praying for Israel is a crucial part of strategy combat in the heavenlies

How every nation of the earth has a connection with Israel

How our inheritance is tied up in Israel

 “Why salvation is an inheritance of the Jews’’

 Why we need to pray for Israel in these days

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Many of us are familiar with 1 Peter 4:8: “And above all things have fervent love for one another, for ´love will cover a multitude of sins´”. It is a scripture that is easy to quote but it is not easy to apply.

However, the author has dealt with the above scripture in a practical manner such that it will:

Take you through an understanding of what it means to walk in what Jesus died for

Teach you to stand in a loving and compassionate relationship with fellow human beings in times of turmoil, conflict and when they fall into sin

Help to overcome the condemnation and guilt for failing to stand during season of trials and shaking in your lives

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The Bible says “…as a man thinketh so is he. …guard your heart (the seat of your intellect) with all diligence for out of it comes the issues of life’’.

This book is designed to:

Let you know that before you can contend with the kingdom of darkness in your family, your community, and your nation, you need to know how to overcome its influence on your mind.

Highlight the importance of being aware of the working of the enemy on your mind, the importance of guarding your mind, and the fundamental activities that take place there.

To help you be more aware of the thoughts and different things you allow into your life through your inputs gates your eyes ears, nose, taste, and touch as whatever we allow these gates can trigger our thought patterns in a fundamental way.

Price: UGX 5,000

Combat in the Heavenlies

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